Girls night in

We (me and my best friend) rarely have time without our little boys. The boys are both around 2 years old, so this is not surprising. Therefore, any time we get to be girls rather than mums is precious and a major event.

Recently we had a whole four or five hours without any children, husbands, responsibilities, etc, and firmly agreed to let our hair down and enjoy some wine and grown-up conversation. Excellent.

So how come on at least 3 separate occasions that night did we end up listening to/dancing to/discussing/watching The WIGGLES?!

For once, we did not have small children shouting for Big Red Car or Race to the Rainbow, yet we still ended dancing the Bump-A-Deedle. What madness is this? Are we now brainwashed into being unable to go a couple of hours without children’s television?

Help me. Please.


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